If you didn’t believe in the “New World Order” – Think again!!

Stephen Harper is Dismantling Canadian Sovereignty for Globalism!

When our Government and Corporate leaders speak, they are talking about their Corporation Companies, they are NOT talking about the benefits to you and I…

We are just the slaves supporting their wealth on a global scale while we have no more rights as human beings. That is the illusion they have created within their corporate take over of the earth and humanity.

Along with the help of the United Nations, they have now created the United Corporations that rule us all…listen and you will hear…


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With special thanks and much gratitude for a very special woman we met at a seminar, we began this work on Decolonization with members of the Haudenosaunee Five Nations on September 24th, 2011. This amazing woman enabled us to research and see that a proper political decolonization is the only SOLUTION for everyone worldwide in ending the insanity.  Download PDF presentation here:theft by legislation-


The proper political “Decolonization” process is not about decolonizing from the white people or simply decolonizing the mind. In reality, all colors, whites included were colonized by the “powers that be”. Decolonization is about implementing a true worldwide solution  for all of humanity.

Decolonization will give the people a true voice, and will put the final governmental decision making power into their hands where it should have been all along, and not in the hands of those we elect, leaving us at the mercy of our corrupt governments.

The elite and governments don’t care about anything besides their “One World Government” agenda which only benefits corporations at the expense of the people. Let’s work together to succeed at liberating the Earth and all life from abuse, tyranny, depopulation measures, hatred and wars.

In order to fully understand what decolonization means for us and for the Indigenous North American peoples,  we as Canadian and the United States citizens need to review and assess the history of the parts each one of us and our ancestors have played within the colonization process.

We must understand the purpose of colonization, the hierarchy within the system and the implementation of the laws and taxation and how the decolonization process will enable us to achieve true peace and better living conditions so that all may benefit and not to the benefit of only the few who control all of our lives.

Fixing the relationship and negative karma within our countries and the Original Peoples of these north american lands.

Taxation is one of our biggest obstacles as Canadian citizens to understand as well as being an issue, in causing unfounded prejudices when it comes to payments to the Indigenous Nations and fulfilling our responsibilities as treaty people.

If we search the Canadian history of healthcare and education you’d be shocked to know that our tax dollars DO NOT go to the Nations nor does it remain in Canada. This is why we pay further taxes on everything to make up the shortfalls. We need to look further into our government’s management of this country, once and for all and take our responsibilities seriously. This is our duty…

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Take a stand and support the Nations to STOP Harper!

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Just ask Australians!!

Chinese Leader Says a New World Order is Necessary

Dec 05, 2012

Beijing, Dec 5 (Prensa Latina) Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, said that no country can solve the current problems of the world alone, and supported the establishment of a new international order that ensures peace and development among states.

In his first speech devoted to foreign policy since his election last month as the new Secretary General of the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC), Xi said that in times of a critical global situation, cooperation among states is increasingly necessary.

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Canadian and FN Political Decolonization Strategy

Decolonize Open Letter to AFN Shawn Atleo, Chiefs, Clan Mothers, Elders, Clans and all Nations



The following address was delivered by Devin Burke, a member of the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement (IPSM) in Montreal, on August 20, 2004, as part of an evening of speakers, film and music in support of the Kanehsatake Mohawk community.

“A movement for decolonisation must be premised on a parallel process of self determination. While Indigenous nations continue to assert their autonomy and nationhood, we, as nonnative settlers, must also assert our own autonomy within our respective communities, and resist our governments’ attempts to further consolidate its control over all communities, Indigenous and non- Indigenous alike”

“Beyond facing up to the past, as a means of owning our history, we must take responsibility for that history. While many of us are excluded from and denied much of the wealth of the Canadian state ourselves, those of us who are Canadian citizens none the less benefit from that wealth to some degree.”

“What we can not take for granted is the fact that much of that wealth was accumulated at the expense of Aboriginal peoples. Therefore, any movement which seeks to address the injustices perpetrated against Indigenous peoples must also take into account the positioning of non-native people within this colonial state.”



Youtube channel: decolonizeus or Decolonize North America http://www.youtube.com/user/Decolonizeus

To read more about various forms of Decolonization please see the website: http://unsettlingamerica.wordpress.com


Nishiyuu arrival at Parliament Hill in Ottawa march 25th,2013
– The tables have turned the circle is created and the fire is burning…thank you to all those who made this happen!
Part 1

Part 2

Must listen – This man had me in tears…this is happening world wide….we need a world wide decolonization..let’s stop the insanity!

The truth shared as passionately as you’ll ever hear….if you aren’t able to see what is happening, it’s because you aren’t looking….that doesn’t mean you are immune to it..time to come together and create the world WE want to live in. (Gail Blackman).

*Language warning*

Great Law, White Roots of Peace